Naturally Pure Citrus CBD

0% THC  ~  non-Hemp Derived
Pesticide Free  ~  non-GMO


Citrus derived CBD is a unique, first-to-market non-hemp/cannabis daily supplement. It is pure molecular CBD not subject to the issues that plague the Hemp and Cannabis markets. The process behind the CBD in Citrus CBD involves a technique called cyclic terpene assembly (CTA), which reconstructs terpenes naturally found in citrus into CBD molecules.


The CBD in Citrus CBD is bio-identical with cannabis derived CBD, which means that it has the exact same molecular structure. Since it is molecularly identical with cannabis derived CBD, citrus derived CBD exerts the same benefits as CBD molecules found in any other sources.

Reasons that citrus CBD is superior to CBD from cannabis:

Sourcing: Results from cannabis-derived CBD are hard to repeat, but Citrus CBD is exactly the same with each and every batch.

Legality: Current CBD laws pertain to CBD-rich hemp oil, and they don't exert any authority over CBD not derived from cannabis.

Purity: As a plant crop, cannabis-derived CBD commonly contains dangerous contaminants but lab-created Citrus CBD cannot physically contain contaminants.

NO THC: Even cannabis-derived isolate CBD has come into contact with THC at one point or another. However, Citrus CBD as never come into contact with a single THC molecule.

Potential benefits


Anti-aging: Has been demonstrated to reduce oxidative stress, which causes aging.

Anti-anxiety: Increased activation of 5-HT1A receptors appears to reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

Antioxidant: Appears to reduce levels of free radicals, which cause oxidative stress.

Anti-Acne: Appears to reduce inflammation, a perpetuator of acne and, potentially, this conditions root cause.

Antipsychotic: May reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions.

Anticarcinogenic (cancer - preventing): Has been demonstrated to reduce oxidative stress, which causes DNA damage and can lead to cancer. Has also been shown to directly fight tumors.


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SoftGels - specifications

20mg Citrus CBD in MCT Oil

#10 Oval Softgel

30 Bottle Counts


Bulk 10,000 Softgels, or Sm, Md, Lg case

No dyes | No additives

Gel coloration may vary


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